Pooh – Halloween

A Halloween take on the children’s classic Winnie the Pooh. “Why, Tigger, I think we’ve ...

Edmundson Thunder

This was a logo created for four wild and crazy – and well-loved – sibling ...

Infrastructure Principals

A logo and its subsequent business cards.

Jon Mack

CD cover.

Cops Fighting Cancer

A corporate packet for Cops Fighting Cancer, including business cards, a pocket folder full of ...

Raising Cane

Identity – as an old-timey circus – and visual website for a friendly film/video/commercial pro, ...

Colorado Columbine Girls State

The cover of their booklet and accompanying CD, as well as a custom American Legion ...

Style Business Cards

These are several examples of “Style” business cards. Your identity. All gussied up. Unlike the ...

Snake Smile

Breaking the ice with this image available to orthodontic practices.


Viagra – &...

Visual wordplay. a.k.a. advertising. Perhaps your next stop light stint will bring a smile.


R.I.P.(B.) ̵...

We will remember Mr. Peanut… He was classy. And smooth. Creamy, even. A palatable gentleman.




Egg iPod

Conceptual ad of a product spin for a household name. Makes more sense that it’d be an apple, right?


Rorschach Wine

Collateral based on this professional goalie’s existing wine logo – including a folding business card, spec/sell sheet and menu insert for his feature at The Chophouse.


JR Butler

Custom thank you cards showcasing the individuals’ interests.





You can pick a side – it’s all politics. I create graphics. Make statements. That’s the idea.


Faux Time Magazi...

I got to conceptualize the Ford layoffs with this faux Time Magazine cover commission. I repeat, this was not used on the cover of Time magazine; rather, as part of ...


Glamour Retouchi...

Don’t believe anything you see…and certainly don’t base any self-esteem on it.


Beer Fairies

A commission for, well, beer fairies. Slight difference between the males and females, as it were.


Witch Hunter Sce...

Commissioned piece in which I was to add the setting to the costumed commissioner. The original photo showed her in a suburban backyard by a picket fence. This was a ...




Adventure Comic ...

It’s a teaser. I CAN’T say more. He did have different iterations of his head as well as a couple of different weapon options. This one was kind of fun ...


Style Business C...

These are several examples of “Style” business cards. Your identity. All gussied up. Unlike the “Basic” cards, these┬átend to take a little extra ‘doing’ to give the cards that extra ...


Be Unique…

…just like everyone else will. Quippy text for t-shirt/coaster/sticker use at a client’s promotional event.


MJR Images

A classic photographic touch was given to this ‘MJR Images’ photographer promo postcards set.